Elementary Christmas Program

Music from Elementary Christmas Program

K4-1st Grades -Snoozy Snowflake by Fito Olivares

Snoozy Snowflake

Dialogue on Page 11

Get Flakey

Dialogue on Page 17

Snow’s a No-Show

Dialogue on Page 21

I Don’t Want to Be a Snowflake!

Dialogue on Page 25

Snowflakes Are Special

Dialogue on Page 28

It’s a Snow Show!

Dialogue on Page 32

Reprise It’s a Snow Show!

Snoozy Snowflake Accompaniment

Get Flakey Accompaniment

Snow’s a No-Show Accompaniment

I Don’t Want to Be a Snowflake! Accompaniment

Snowflakes Are Special Accompaniment

It’s a Snow Show Accompaniment

Reprise It’s A Snow Show! Accompaniment

2nd-5th Grades – ARF! ON THE HOUSETOP BY John Jacobson and John Higgins


The Puppy Song

In the Pound

Take Me!

Something’s on the Woof!


Reprise:  the Puppy Song

Accompaniment Only – The Puppy Song

Accompaniment Only – In The Pound

Accompaniment Only – Take Me!

Accompaniment Only – Something’s on the Woof!

Accompaniment Only – Home

Accompaniment Only – Reprise: The Puppy Song