The HOPE program is administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission, GSFC.  The GSFC is under the guidelines of the General Assembly.

Your HOPE GPA is calculated by the GSFC and not by Briarwood Academy.  www.gafutures.org has detailed information on this process. You can also visit the GSFC website at www.gsfc.org.
Phone number is 1-800-505-GSFC.

Courses which count towards HOPE GPA

  • The grades for all attempted (passed and failed) academic courses will be counted using a 4.0 scale. The courses taken for high school credit in middle school do not count in the calculation.
  • Academic courses are English, math, science, social studies, and foreign languages classes.
  • Any bonus/adjusted points added to honor/AP courses are deducted by GSFC.

Use the chart below to convert all qualifying grades (including failing grades) to the 4.0 scale

89.45-100        A=4.0
79.45-89.44     B=3.0
69.45-79.44     C=2.0
0-69.44            F=0.0

Your transcript may include both half year classes and full year classes. Count the full year class grades twice and each half year grade once. Add up all the scores (on the 4.0 scale), and divide by the total number.

Do not round up. Your GPA will not be rounded up for the purposes of determining HOPE eligibility. This calculation should give you a good estimate of your current standing.

GSFC does subtract any ‘bonus’ points awarded for AP/Honors classes.

Important reminders:  GSFC does not round for HOPE.  There is nothing BA can do to change a student’s HOPE average. It is not (most of the time) the same as the BA average uses for honor determination for graduation.


3.0 GPA

Zell Miller (of the HOPE)

3.75 GPA and 26 ACT or 1200 SAT


Graduate from an eligible high school or accredited high school program as the valedictorian or the salutatorian and meet all HOPE Scholarship eligibility requirements.




Hope Worksheet
Rigorous Classes-Required for HOPE/Zell