Khan Academy

khanKhan Academy has teamed up with College Board to provide SAT practice tests, study skills, and other valuable information for students who are preparing to take the SAT.
Students should sign up and link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts. They will get personalize practice recommendations based on their test results from the CB Suite of Assessments.
Once signed up parents and students can view the “Tips and Planning” section to learn about SAT Practice. The website will build their personalized study plan based on where they excel and where they need more work. Under the “practice” tab the recommendations can be practiced under math, reading, and writing.
Students can get full length practice tests. Practice tests can be downloaded and printed at  Practice on full length tests will help improve stamina and familiarity before taking the actual test.
Also available is an app which provides a question a day that students can use to build their skills. The app is able to scan and score paper SAT practice tests.

Ready4 SAT is available at the App Store.
Will get you to question of the day.
Will get you to practice page on College Board Site.
Will get you to the main page for College Board testing.