Board of Trustees

Briarwood Academy is governed and controlled by the Board of Trustees. The Board consists of nine Trustees who serve a three-year term. The Trustees make all policies, determine goals and objectives for the school, and make the final decision in all matters related to the Academy. The Headmaster operates the school on a day-to-day basis and carries out the policies of the Board.

The Board of Trustees members are nominated and elected at the general membership meeting of the Briarwood Parent-Teacher Organization each spring.  The Trustees serve rotating three-year terms.

2021-2022 Board of Trustees

Effective July 1, 2021


Mr. Ed Pope, Chairman
Mrs. Jamey Lyons, Vice-Chairman
Mrs. Amanda Ogletree, Secretary

Term Expires 2022
Term Expires 2023
Term Expires 2024
Mr. Matt Garthright (Warren County)
Mr. Tyler Johnson (Warren County)
Mrs. Amanda Ogletree (Warren County)
Mrs. Merri Stephens (McDuffie County)
Mr. Jaye Jones (McDuffie County)
Mrs. Jamey Lyons (McDuffie County)
Mrs. Julie Neal (At Large)
Mr. Edward Pope (At Large)
Mr. Ashley Andrews (Wilkes County)