Honor Roll & Merit List

2020-2021 Honor Roll & Merit List

***All As – Students who achieve Honor Roll have no class average below 90 in a Nine Weeks

***As & Bs – Students who achieve Merit List have no class average below 80 in a Nine Weeks

2020-20211st Nine Weeks        
1Ethan AdlerHonor Roll
1Will BowickHonor Roll
1Brinkley BradshawMerit List
1Benton BrownHonor Roll
1Ruby Kate BurdetteHonor Roll
1Brantley BurtonHonor Roll
1Charlie BurtonHonor Roll
1Maddie DavisMerit List
1Jase DeMoreHonor Roll
1Layne DuffieHonor Roll
1Allex DysonHonor Roll
1Avery FinleyHonor Roll
1Burt GoolsbyHonor Roll
1Micah GunbyHonor Roll
1Autumn HarrisHonor Roll
1Kyle HolbrookHonor Roll
1Ashlynn HughesHonor Roll
1Luke JacksonHonor Roll
1Callie JohnsonMerit List
1Ava MooneyHonor Roll
1Emma Kate NewsomeHonor Roll
1Kinsley PilgrimMerit List
1Sadie PowerHonor Roll
1Katelyn RachelsMerit List
1Bella RumbautMerit List
1Luke SheddHonor Roll
1Carleigh SheltonHonor Roll
1Kylie SpearHonor Roll
1Cameron UsryHonor Roll
2Wyatt BentleyHonor Roll
2Cohen CallawayHonor Roll
2Waylon CallawayMerit List
2Emma Charles DeanHonor Roll
2Ava EvansMerit List
2Ray FergusonHonor Roll
2Ariana GradyHonor Roll
2Reagan GrimaudHonor Roll
2Asher HarrisonHonor Roll
2Kayleigh LoveMerit List
2William LuncefordHonor Roll
2Mac McCorkleHonor Roll
2Eli NunnMerit List
2Brandyn Lynne OgletreeHonor Roll
2Ryleigh ShelnuttHonor Roll
2Daniel SheltonHonor Roll
2Bo StephensMerit List
2Daniel ThorntonMerit List
2Charli WareHonor Roll
2Lane WeatherfordHonor Roll
2Scarlett WilkersonHonor Roll
2Kevia YangHonor Roll
2Sallie YeltonMerit List
2Sam YeltonMerit List
3Mason AdlerHonor Roll
3Bowen BeggsHonor Roll
3Brayden BradfordMerit List
3Chloe BrownHonor Roll
3Camdyn ButlerMerit List
3Akshat ChaudhariHonor Roll
3Dharti ChaudhariHonor Roll
3Luke ClarkMerit List
3Addi CushmanHonor Roll
3Campbell DawkinsHonor Roll
3Sidney DuffieHonor Roll
3Carson EdwardsHonor Roll
3Weston HelmlyHonor Roll
3Josie JenkinsMerit List
3Aaron JohnsonMerit List
3Carter JohnsonHonor Roll
3Cannon KennedyMerit List
3Cooper KennedyMerit List
3Lillie LamppMerit List
3Wills PendleyHonor Roll
3Whitley RabunHonor Roll
3Laramie RachelsHonor Roll
3Faith ReeseMerit List
3Sophia RevilleHonor Roll
3Seth SheltonMerit List
3Myla SmithHonor Roll
3Taylor StoreyHonor Roll
3Randee ThigpenHonor Roll
3Reese ThompsonHonor Roll
3Isabella TurnbullHonor Roll
3Wyatt UsryHonor Roll
4Rabun AkersMerit List
4Avery BastonHonor Roll
4Tanner BlackmonMerit List
4Anna Beth BrooksHonor Roll
4Abigail CooperMerit List
4Alexis FernandesMerit List
4Rebekah GrimaudHonor Roll
4Aiden HarrisHonor Roll
4Andrew HolbrookHonor Roll
4Hannah Grace HughesHonor Roll
4Jane Claire JohnsonHonor Roll
4McKenzie LovelandMerit List
4Addi MathewsMerit List
4Keely McKellarHonor Roll
4Samuel MitchellHonor Roll
4Kelley Anne MooneyHonor Roll
4Colbey NormanMerit List
4Kaelie May NorrisHonor Roll
4Isaac NunnHonor Roll
4Ruth Ann PickensMerit List
4Shelby PowerHonor Roll
4Brantley SheltonMerit List
4Emily SheltonHonor Roll
4Dillyn StandardMerit List
4Knox TaylorMerit List
4Will TurnbullHonor Roll
4Hailey WidenerMerit List
4Aubree WilkersonHonor Roll
4Elsbeth WilsonMerit List
5Callie Ann BarnettMerit List
5Peyton BohlerMerit List
5Camryn BradshawMerit List
5Carson CallawayHonor Roll
5Joshua CastonMerit List
5Annalise CottonMerit List
5Carolina CrawleyHonor Roll
5Banks DeMoreHonor Roll
5Ridge GunnMerit List
5Tyler HarpstriteHonor Roll
5Caeleigh HayesMerit List
5Harrison HohlweinMerit List
5Ryder JohnstonHonor Roll
5Emily KayHonor Roll
5Levi LanierHonor Roll
5Graeme LustyMerit List
5Maris Anne MooreHonor Roll
5Shelby MooreMerit List
5Gage NewsomeMerit List
5Madi NorrisMerit List
5Kyleigh RabunHonor Roll
5Price RobinsonMerit List
5Cason RodgersMerit List
5Riley RogersMerit List
5Sam StephensHonor Roll
5Myla ThigpenMerit List
5Colby ThorntonHonor Roll
5Addison WareHonor Roll
5Allie Grace WilkersonMerit List
6Aiden AdlerHonor Roll
6Alex AndrewsHonor Roll
6Kate BeggsMerit List
6Taylor BlackmonMerit List
6Jackson BraggMerit List
6Addie BrownHonor Roll
6Walt BurdetteHonor Roll
6Eden CallawayHonor Roll
6Carson ChalkerMerit List
6Baylor CobbHonor Roll
6Evan DeloachMerit List
6Wyatt FaglierMerit List
6Cutler FlemingHonor Roll
6Caden JohnsonMerit List
6Ella Beck JohnsonHonor Roll
6Anna JonesHonor Roll
6Ashley JonesHonor Roll
6Laura Lane McMichaelHonor Roll
6Thomas MitchellHonor Roll
6Caelan NorrisHonor Roll
6Braylon PardueHonor Roll
6Stuart PendleyHonor Roll
6Eliza PopeHonor Roll
6Macie RabunMerit List
6Barrett ReeseMerit List
6Bella SikesMerit List
6Madison VannHonor Roll
7Bane BarnettHonor Roll
7Addison BastonHonor Roll
7TJ BowickMerit List
7Aubrey BrananHonor Roll
7Bennett BurtonMerit List
7Peyton ChamleeHonor Roll
7Ruby Love CheelyMerit List
7Caroline DurhamHonor Roll
7Caleb FurrHonor Roll
7Chloe HendersonMerit List
7Jaxon HicksMerit List
7Roger JiangMerit List
7Zoey JiangMerit List
7Belle LewallenHonor Roll
7Brantley MyhandHonor Roll
7Abby ParrishHonor Roll
7Joseph PickensMerit List
7EmmaRay RickersonHonor Roll
7Braylin RiordanHonor Roll
7Addison Struck King Struck HagermanMerit List
7Rachel ThompsonMerit List
7Carlie ThorntonHonor Roll
7Dylan VanHouseMerit List
7Hensley VannHonor Roll
7Isaac YoungsHonor Roll
8Ava Grace AxonMerit List
8Brax BarnettMerit List
8Trey BlackmonMerit List
8Alex FlorenceMerit List
8Ryleigh GarthrightMerit List
8Johnston HackenberryHonor Roll
8Laney HarbesonHonor Roll
8Shelby KennedyHonor Roll
8Tanner LordMerit List
8Makenzie MauldinMerit List
8Charlie MosleyHonor Roll
8Ember NunnMerit List
8Liz ParksMerit List
8Jacey StewartMerit List
8Bailey StoreyHonor Roll
8Blake TenchMerit List
8Mason ThigpenMerit List
8Sawyer ThigpenMerit List
8Sydney WallerMerit List
9Jack DurhamMerit List
9Lacey DysonMerit List
9Carson EubankHonor Roll
9Finlay FlorenceMerit List
9Cameron HarrisonHonor Roll
9Brooks HawkinsMerit List
9Dallas HowardMerit List
9Miranda JordanHonor Roll
9Mitchell LyonsMerit List
9Aaron MooreMerit List
9Kennedy MosleyHonor Roll
9Bonner ReynoldsHonor Roll
9Stella ShealyMerit List
9Caroline StapletonMerit List
9Krystyn TudorMerit List
9Elizabeth WansleyHonor Roll
10Braxton BlakeyMerit List
10Summer BlevinsMerit List
10Trenton CottonMerit List
10Mary Kate DanielHonor Roll
10Bethany FurrHonor Roll
10Paris IveryHonor Roll
10Ella JacksonHonor Roll
10Bennett JohnsonMerit List
10Lindsey JonesHonor Roll
10Madison KayHonor Roll
10Danielle LutherHonor Roll
10Emily MannMerit List
10Lauren MannMerit List
10Macie MauldinHonor Roll
10Preston MyhandHonor Roll
10Anuj Patel PatelHonor Roll
10Cooper SikesMerit List
10Andrew StapletonMerit List
10Gavin TaylorMerit List
10Elizabeth ThigpenHonor Roll
10Hunter WilliamsMerit List
11Elizabeth AxonMerit List
11Savannah BlevinsHonor Roll
11Cole CatoMerit List
11Porter EubankHonor Roll
11Jacob HackenberryHonor Roll
11Jailey HicksMerit List
11Savannah HopkinsMerit List
11Megan HowellMerit List
11Jacob KitchensMerit List
11Jenna NelsonMerit List
11Mackenzie ParrishHonor Roll
11Chloe PossMerit List
11Dax ReeseMerit List
11Gunner StewartMerit List
11Crawford ThigpenMerit List
11Wyatt VannMerit List
12Jewell AdkinsHonor Roll
12Brady AnsleyMerit List
12Drake AxonMerit List
12Grace BridgesHonor Roll
12Phoebe BrooksHonor Roll
12Mattie Grae CheelyHonor Roll
12AG FosterHonor Roll
12Lucas FreitasMerit List
12Ella JohnsonHonor Roll
12Landon KentMerit List
12Macy LordMerit List
12Gavin McGillMerit List
12Conner NewsomeMerit List
12Scott ReynoldsHonor Roll
12Dozier RogersMerit List
12Gage TaylorMerit List
12Olivia WallerHonor Roll