Briarwood Academy is an active member of the GISA and participates in region and state competitions in football, basketball, softball, baseball, track, tennis, cross-country, cheerleading and golf. The following GISA eligibility rules govern participation:

1. A student must be a regular student taking a full load as prescribed by the curriculum in grades 6-12.

2. Football eligibility must be completed eight semesters after entrance in the 9th grade.

3. Eligibility for all other sports must be completed ten semesters from the date of entrance into the 8th grade.

4. A student must not have reached his / her 19th birthday prior to May 1st, preceding the school year of participation.

5. A student must have passed five unit subjects or their equivalent the previous semester.

6. A student must satisfy the conduct requirements of school authorities.

7. Junior Varsity and elementary teams are required to meet the appropriate eligibility requirements.

The following rules will apply to the spring sports schedule:

1. Each athlete at Briarwood Academy will be allowed to participate in two of the following varsity spring sports: baseball, tennis, golf, or track and field.

2. Each athlete at Briarwood Academy must participate in at least two (2) meets, matches, or games to be eligible for any post-season tournaments (region or state).

3. The Athletic Director will handle any exceptions to these rules on an individual basis.