Rent The BA Spirit Rock

Reservations MUST be made in order to paint the Briarwood Spirit Rock. 

Reservations open at the beginning of the school year starting August 8, 2023. Reserving the Spirit Rock is $20. Reservation and payment must be made online.  Only one person per day may reserve the Spirit Rock.  It is a first come, first serve basis. Reservations must be made by a parent or teacher on behalf of a student or student group.

All contact regarding the Spirit Rock should be made to Calls cannot be made to the front office for reservation purposes or any issues having to do with the Spirit Rock. 

Once reserved, you will have the rock for 24 hours.  Your time begins at 4:00 PM the day before your reservation until 4:00 PM the day of your reservation.  (For example: if you reserve the rock for September 15th, you’ll have the Spirit Rock beginning at 4:00PM on September 14th through 4:00PM on September 15th.)

Paint and painting supplies are not provided by the school. The person reserving the rock is responsible for painting the rock or hiring someone to do it.

The area around the Spirit Rock must be left neat and tidy and paint-free. ONLY the face of the Rock may be painted. DO NOT paint the grass or any other material surrounding the rock. The individual or group will be held financially responsible for cleaning and/or repair costs associated with violation of this policy.  Anyone painting the rock must leave the area in clean condition.

Remove all paint materials and litter from the site and be sure the paint is disposed of properly (not on school property.)

All rules as outlined in the Briarwood Academy Code of Student Conduct MUST be obeyed. No exceptions. (No bullying, profanity, obscenity, or derogatory language.)