Scholarship Information

The Georgia state legislature passed law HB1133, called the Tuition Tax Credit, to provide aid to students currently enrolled in public schools who wish to attend private school. The program is funded through tax-credit contributions from tax payers. GOAL Scholarships are awarded through an application process. The Briarwood Academy Goal Scholarship Policy can be found with the application below.

GOAL is now accepting online credit card contributions.  You can now direct a taxpayer who wishes to make his or her contribution via credit card to the GOAL website at this link:  By making a contribution to GOAL online via credit card, a donor must have already received DOR approval.  The contribution will be linked to the donor’s paperwork and will be considered as paid in full for the designated contribution amount.  This online payment option can serve as a method to quickly obtain payment when you see that a particular donor is “Approved Awaiting Payment” in the contribution portal.  Of course, we will continue to take credit card numbers written directly onto the GOAL Tax Credit Form and will process those payments upon receipt of DOR approval, as usual.

Online Tax Credit Form Link

If you would like to learn how to contribute to this tax credit program, please contact Clayton Parrish or Lisa Newsome .